The Ramifications

Girl, Interrupted

I have weird thumbs. They’re at a funny angle to the rest of my hand, but that’s very me. There’s a lot about me that’s unique; that’s a funny angle to the rest of life.

In our elementary school, students picked instruments in third grade that they would play in fourth. I wanted to play one of the big brass band instruments. The older kids all sat in a line in the cafeteria—a flute, a tuba, a saxophone, an oboe, a bassoon and some sort of horn. I stopped in front of the girl who was playing the trumpet. She was a fifth grader, so much older than my third grade self. She was tall and pretty, with long blonde hair and preppy clothes; in other words, the complete opposite of me. I was short and a little pudgy, with brown hair and hand-me-down clothing. 

“Here.” She extended the trumpet…

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We Like the Sunset

A Certain Slant of Light Photography

Buildings lined up neatly almost as far as the eye can see, basking in the golden glow of the evening sun. Singapore has one of the highest population density in the world, with almost 6 million people occupying a tiny dot of land too small to see on an atlas. This explains the mid to high rise buildings you will see almost everywhere you go on this island.


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